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Helping our students learn

Supporting students at Vineyard Public School

Vineyard Public School strives to ensure every student is catered to and supported. To make sure students can achieve their best, we provide and utilise the following services: 

Small class sizes

Being a small school allows students to be in a class with fewer students. Having a class with fewer students allows teachers to individually tailor the curriculum to meet the learning needs of every student.

Smaller class sizes provides the opportunity for a strong teacher-student relationship to develop, fostering a warm classroom environment and a love of learning.  

In 2021 at Vineyard Public School, we have a K/1/2 class, a 3/4 class and a 5/6 class.  

Student Learning and Support 

At Vineyard Public School, we have three dedicated Student Learning and Support Officers (SLSO's) who work with students to provide additional support within the classroom.